Solutions Designed To Maximize
Your Bottom Line

American Smart Trucking provides reliable & efficient transportation solutions to facilitate the smooth movement of your freight. With a tailored approach and specialized expertise, we help you reduce costs, optimize operations & streamline your shipments.

15,000+ Carrier Partners

Our brokerage network comprises over 15,000+ carrier partners dedicated to meet your shipping needs.

150k Loads Shipped

Through our trusted network of carriers, we’ve delivered more than 150k loads.

50+ Locations

With more than 50+ locations, we’ve got you covered for your every freight need.

Qualify only Superior Carriers

USA Truck Brokers has a rigorous selection to hand-pick our carriers. In order to meet our standard of excellence, all carriers must meet the following criteria:
While we have a trusting relationship with all our carriers, we find it our responsibility to constantly monitor each carrier’s authority, insurance, safety rating and supplemental licenses – especially for hazardous materials hauling.

    We Provide An Unrivaled Experience To Shippers!

    Reliable Capacity

    You can count on our nationwide network of carriers for all your shipment needs.

    Load Tracking

    We keep constant track of your shipment at every point so that you know where your freight is on the road.

    Fast Transportation

    You can count on our nationwide network of carriers for all your shipment needs.

    Secure the Right Equipment

    With access to countless vans and reefers, USA Truck Broker works with you to find the best equipment match for your needs at a competitive rate. Selection of the right carrier is critical to the success of every load. To that end each employee thoroughly qualifies a carrier prior to tendering the load to the carrier.
    Once all information has been properly verified, we send a binding rate confirmation to the carrier specifying the load’s requirements to reduce any misunderstanding.

    Confirm Delivery and Satisfaction

    Our job is not complete until we verify with the receiver that your product has arrived in good condition. If there are any overages, shortages, or damages to your product, the Logistics Account Manager will immediately contact you to discuss what the best course of action is for the situation. It is also important that we follow-up with you after the job is completed to learn about your experience and how we met your expectations.


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