How long it takes to get a CDL depends on how you decide to go about it, but usually, it takes about 3-7 weeks on average to get a CDL or commercial driver’s license. There are a number of factors that affect how long it will take in your state.

What type of CDL license are you getting?

A Class A CDL is compulsory if you want to drive a flatbed, tank vehicle, tractor-trailer, or livestock carrier. Class B CDL is compulsory if you want to drive a straight truck, dump truck, box truck, and large passenger or segmented bus. Class C is for small HazMat vehicles or vehicles transporting more than 16 occupants. Among these three CDL classes, Class A enables you to drive a bigger variety of vehicles and tow bigger loads.

How much practice do you need?

You are required to drive a certain number of practice hours with a licensed CDL driver as a part of the CDL process in some states. In case you think your driving ability needs more polishing or mastering truck driving seems harder than you originally expected, you should definitely log in more practice hours, even if it means ultimately taking longer to get the CDL.

What kind of training are you taking?

Truck driving training programs are usually offered by private driving schools and some community colleges. Some trucking companies in the United States even operate their own driving schools. Program lengths of course may vary, and the number of classroom hours required may vary according to the state you are living or training. Depending on the CDL class taken and whether you take the training on a full-time or part-time basis, it may even take you up to six months to complete the program.

The CDL Process 

Before taking your CDL road test, you should consider enrolling yourself in a CDL training course and practicing driving with someone who has a CDL. Typically, it takes between 14 days and up to 7 months to become a truck driver with a CDL when you take into account all the factors we have discussed earlier. How long it takes to get a CDL will depend on how you go about learning how to drive the commercial vehicles you are considering. Based on your existing skills and driving instincts, you should consider taking the time to master your truck driving skills.

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