Fuel economy tips are often helpful when you are driving a car or a heavy vehicle. As an owner-operator, the cost of rolling your truck matters. So it always becomes important to improve the diesel efficiency of your truck as fluctuating gas prices are often unpredictable. In this post, we are going to share five fuel-saving tips that can help you maximize the profit from each completed job. 

Five Fuel-Saving Tips

In this section, we have put down some of the most effective tips to improve the diesel efficiency of your trucks. Please read these points carefully.

  • Accelerate gently

We all know that accelerating out trucks as fast as possible can be very tempting when attempting to reach speed. This is one of the fastest ways to burn your fuel. Instead of this, aim for smooth and steady acceleration and increase the speed gradually. Hitting a pedal will cut down only a few seconds from your total journey time, but it will cost you far more than your time-saving in diesel. This is one of the best fuel economy tips.

  • Avoid overloading your truck

Trucks by their nature are very heavy, and therefore, use more fuel. However, it is important to consider not to overload your truck as it can eat your fuel like anything. Make sure you do not carry anything in addition to what you need to deliver; no unnecessary modifications, accessories, etc.

  • Avoid drag 

This is one of the best fuel efficiency driving tips. Most truck drivers often keep their windows open instead of using AC in a pursuit to save some fuel. Opening windows of your truck is best when you are moving at a slow speed. However, as you increase the speed of your truck, the drag increases. It is efficient to keep the windows of your truck closed and use AC.

  • Check your tires

Ensuring good tire pressure can reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 10%, according to NACFE. It is important to ensure good tire pressure before going on a long tour as it makes sure the safety of your truck is on top.

  • Maintaining the oil

Oil plays a vital role in improving your fuel economy. Think about it; your truck is made up of moving parts and oil ensures that all the parts of your truck move smoothly.

So these were the five fuel-saving tips for your trucks that can help you save a lot of fuel when on a long tour. Apart from these tips, make sure you service your trucks often and keep changing their fuel filters. To keep reading awesome trucking blogs, please watch this section closely. To learn about American Smart Trucking’s services, please visit www.americansmarttrucking.com